Custody Evaluations


Custody Evaluations

December 5, 2015
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Denver Custody Evaluations

Couples in divorce are often unable to agree on a parenting plan. When this happens, the court has the option of naming a child and family investigator (CFI) — in most cases, a lawyer, psychologist or social worker — to analyze the situation and deliver a recommendation.

The CFI Is The Eyes And Ears Of The Judge

The investigator will talk to both parents, plus any medical providers, school teachers or others who know your child well. Important issues will include:

  • Special needs the child may have
  • Substance abuse issues in the home
  • Physical or any other kind of abuse by either parent
  • How each parent relates to the child
  • Whether parents are able to set aside their differences and focus on the child’s needs

From these interviews, the CFI will render an opinion on whether legal custody should be shared, which parent will have physical custody of the child and what form of visitation rights the noncustodial parent should have.

The CFI’s recommendation, turned over to the judge, will influence the judge’s eventual decision, but it will not be the sole determinant. Either parent is free to contest the recommendations, and persuade the judge to set the recommendations aside. When this happens, you will benefit from the counsel of a family lawyer who is experienced in custody evaluations and can guide you toward presenting your side in the best possible light.

Our Skills In Your Hands

At Polidori Franklin Monahan & Beattie L.L.C., we work with parents to provide helpful and constructive answers to the CFI’s questions, and to contest them in court if the CFI’s findings seem slanted or unfounded.

Our Denver Metro family lawyers are experienced and skilled in the process of custody evaluations in divorce cases. Call the Denver family lawyers at Polidori Franklin Monahan & Beattie L.L.C. at 303 936 3300 or contact us online.

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