Post-Decree Modification

Post-Decree Modifications and Enforcement Actions

Many legal aspects of divorce are not necessarily permanent. It may become necessary to revisit and update certain issues to reflect changes in life circumstances. Modifications commonly affect:

Likewise, it may also become necessary to enforce the divorce decree and court orders after the divorce has been finalized. Enforcement can often be achieved by filing a contempt of court petition.

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At Polidori Franklin Monahan & Beattie L.L.C., a boutique family law firm in Denver, our post-decree modification lawyers provide experienced representation backed by more than 100 years of collective experience. Since 1980, our firm has focused exclusively on family law. We are dedicated to providing the highest caliber of professionalism and excellence.

Our attorneys are seasoned litigators who possess in-depth knowledge of the law. We understand how to present a strong case for modifying or enforcing a court order. We also represent clients seeking to oppose such modifications or to defend against a contempt of court proceeding.

Our lawyers possess extensive experience navigating even the most complex divorce and family law matters.


Parenting plans often require modification due to the changing needs of the children and shifting circumstances of the parents. Court approval is required for such modifications. Generally, the party seeking a modification must file a motion requesting a modification. Similarly, parents seeking to relocate with their children must first obtain court approval.

Modifying a maintenance or child support obligation requires demonstrating a significant change in circumstances such as change in employment or shift in income.

For any such modifications, the parties may attempt to reach a resolution through negotiation. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who are adept at protecting clients’ rights and interests.

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