Mediation & Arbitration

Representing Clients in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and arbitration are alternative, less formal legal processes for resolving family law issues outside of court. Mediation involves negotiating feasible solutions with the assistance of a neutral third-party facilitator. In many Colorado counties, mediation is a mandatory step of the contested divorce process. Arbitration involves presenting arguments and evidence before a neutral third party who will make a binding determination.

Both mediation and arbitration can be efficient, flexible and cost-effective means of resolving divorce and parental responsibilities issues. They also empower both parties to shape the outcome of crucial legal matters. However, because these processes can significantly impact both parties’ rights and futures, professional legal guidance is essential.

Polidori Franklin Monahan & Beattie, L.L.C., a boutique family law firm in Lakewood, provides experienced representation in mediation and arbitration proceedings. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators with more than a century of combined experience in family law. We are adept at developing effective strategies for achieving fair settlements while also protecting clients’ rights and interests.

Our lawyers possess extensive experience representing clients in mediation and arbitration. We have handled basic, uncontested cases as well as high-asset divorces involving complex property and asset division issues.

We also offer limited mediation services.

Skilled Negotiators and Litigators

Property division, spousal maintenance and allocation of parental responsibilities are often contested issues that can be complicated to resolve. Our attorneys advise clients of their rights and options for resolving those matters.

If the case proceeds to court, our lawyers are seasoned litigators with in-depth knowledge of applicable law and procedural rules. Because we have devoted our careers to family law, our lawyers remain abreast of the latest cutting-edge developments in the law. Clients rely on our professional judgment in the protection of assets and property interests as well as parental rights.

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To discuss your family law matter with an experienced divorce mediation attorney in Denver, call Polidori Franklin Monahan & Beattie, L.L.C. at 303 936 3300 or contact us online. Our office is conveniently located in Lakewood, just minutes from downtown Denver. We serve clients throughout Colorado.

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